Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Harry Miller - Where He Is Now!

 Maybe you remember Harry Miller. Hopefully, you won't. He's residing in the Prince William County, VA, jail after being convicted on multiple sex crimes, including "taking indecent liberties with children" and "forcible sodomy." He's a really bad guy who wormed his way into Monroe County politics a few years back and became an upstanding citizen for a brief time. I'll bet he got an "Honorary Conch" certificate!

For more, click on this link to the Virginia Department of Corrections for Harry's Current Status

Watch out for people like this when it comes to your children!


Sal gutierrez said...

Mikey.....they got your girlfreind Lisa Drunkenmiller.....look on

Jodie Rutt said...

He got a lot of years - probably will never be out. Hopefully!!! Check out the sentences handed down in the Prince William Court. He appealed and was denied in December. Rot in Hell, Harry!

John Donne said...

Any updates?