Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Hidden Secret to another $1,000,000+ in annual County Revenue Without Increasing Taxes

Oprah isn't the only person in the world who has ideas about how to make money. Here's one of my ideas that was ongoing when Tom Willi canned me. A few of my ideas have been brought to fruition by people that worked for me - most haven't, and here's one of the biggest savers.

The reason that some politically-minded folks don't want you to know is that opening this treasure trove might annoy some of the most wealthy in influential part time residents of Monroe County - the folks at Ocean Reef. But I think I have a way to do this without upsetting ANY residents.

Somewhere around 800,000 vehicles a year cross the Card Sound bridge annually. Most of them pay a dollar, so the County gets $700,000+, cash money every year from the Card Sound Bridge.

The trouble is that it costs almost a half million dollars a year to pay the toll collectors and maintain the buildings there.

When I was Director of Technical Services for Monroe County, one of the least popular things I wanted to do was to fully automate the bridge tolls. I found that, for about what it costs for a year to pay all the people that collect tolls 7 days a week, 365 days a year, the County could replace the toll plaza with an automated toll collection system with camera enforcement that would then cost 10% as much to operate.

That's right. No people. Pay your money - cash, credit card, SunPass (or a KeysPass) - or get a ticket in the mail.

So that will eliminate several Public Works jobs. It will also put tight controls around the cash at Card Sound. The current controls there would give any auditor heartburn. I suspect that Danny Kohlage hasn't checked in on state of the art in cash management at toll booths lately.

I spoke with Emelio Suarez, who is the director of technology for Florida's Turnpike, who said that the Turnpike Authority might be willing to install collect tolls and maintain the toll plaza, like they do for a number of County owned bridges in the state, for a cut of the revenue.

This was ongoing when Tom Willi made the decision to part ways. I hope Emelio's not waiting to hear from me.

So, how would the County collect an extra $1,000,000+++?

  1. Raise the tolls to $5.

  2. Automate the toll plaza, tear down the current structures and give the lots to ROGO for the hotels the County wants to build.

  3. Pay the Turnpike Authority to install and manage SunPass.

  4. Offer mail-in rebates for over $50 per calendar year for COUNTY RESIDENTS (not transients) with a Monroe County address and proof of payment to SunPass.

That's just my million dollars worth. Will one of the Commissioners put this on an agenda?

Is there anyone at Monroe County that could execute this project? THAT, my friends, is the issue. GIVE IT TO THE TURNPIKE AUTHORITY!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Harry Miller's Poor Victims

Gosh, I must tell you that I am surprised at the number of emails that I've received telling me about Harry Miller's arrest in South Carolina on multiple charges of sexually molesting a number of young people during periods of time immediately before and immediately after he resided in Key West, in Virginia and in South Carolina.
Did you know Harry in Key West?
PLEASE - remember that there are children involved in a heinous crime here that will affect them for the rest of their lives. IF YOU KNOW ANYTHING about this fellow's actions with children, PLEASE contact your local law enforcement agency.
Think, for one moment, about what he is accused of doing. Now, imagine - he was wanted on this for a crime several years ago. After investigating him where he lives now, in South Carolina, a different set of law enforcement authorities have accused him of similar crimes from June 2008 until now!

I've written what I think about Harry and his "friends." I obviously believe he is a lying scumbag. Several law enforcement agencies have reason to believe he is the worst kind of pervert. I have met the man and have spoken to him a number of times. I did not trust him, would have nothing to do with him and he did his best to have me fired from my job.

Is it my opinion that he is guilty? Yes, absolutely. Why? I have no evidence, but I'm a pretty good judge of character and it is my feeling that Harry is the lowest form of life. If he is found guilty of the things he's accused, I would wish the worse for him - to be incarcerated with a psychopathic rapist and subjected to worse punishment than he can imagine for the remainder of his short life.

Someone asked me yesterday if I was afraid of Harry. No, I said, only cowards rape children. Read my earlier blog. Do I sound like Harry worries me?

No, I'm worried about the children around this pervert in the event he escapes or is somehow released from prison.

Tom Willi, Mario Di Gennaro - you were quoted calling Harry your "friend."
What do you think of your "friend" now?

Karma is real. What people sew, they reap.